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Mineral oil Is it a harmful ingredient?

Almost every day we use cosmetic products on our face, but have you wondered what their content is?

Most of them contain mineral oils that are derived from petroleum, these components are extremely harmful to the environment and our health.

The environmental impact they have is enormous since their production emits toxic gases and waste, which mostly ends up in the seas and rivers. Causing thousands of species to die.

The main repercussions they have on our health are that they completely clog the pores of the skin, which are intended to prevent the accumulation of toxins that our body naturally eliminates.

Let's find an alternative!

That is why we must look for alternatives to these ingredients; Oils of vegetable origin are the best choice, since in addition to providing nutrition, they do not clog our skin.

These oils have characteristics similar to those of the natural sebum on our face, so if you use them your skin will look radiant and hydrated, since they are completely compatible with it.

-Written by Eira Fabian Rodriguez QFB

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