Welcome to TEIA Cosmetics

Where beauty and nature merge to revolutionize the concept of makeup and skincare.

We are two sisters who in 2017 decided to transform our passion for skin care into an adventure.

TEIA was born from a deep desire: we wanted to offer something more than just products. We dreamed of a line that not only beautified, but also nourished and respected both your skin and our planet.

With love and gratitude


TEIA is more than natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. It is a call to recognize and celebrate your natural beauty. Because you are already stunning, and you don't need to hide or change that with harmful substances.

Our philosophy also extends beyond products: TEIA is a reflection of deep social sustainability. 93% of our team is made up of talented women. We value and encourage a respectful work environment, with flexible schedules and conditions that enhance personal and professional growth.

By choosing TEIA, you join a movement that believes in the power of conscious beauty and the positive impact that, together, we can create in the world.