Frequent questions

Does Teia deliver to all of Mexico?

Yes, at Teia we deliver to all States of the Mexican Republic, however, there are some postal codes where, at the moment, parcels are not covered. But do not worry! In the event that your delivery cannot be completed due to this situation, we will contact you.

Does Teia deliver outside of Mexico?

No, at Teia we only make shipments within the national territory.

What is the delivery time?

If you have already made your purchase and have received a confirmation email, the estimated delivery time is 10 to 5 business days.

Don't forget that business days exclude Saturdays, Sundays and holidays and begin counting from the day you receive the confirmation email, which is not necessarily the same day of purchase.

Remember that delivery time depends on different factors:

  • Product characteristics (weight, dimensions).
  • Distance between the shipping location and the delivery location.
  • Parcel that makes the shipment

What is the shipping cost?

The shipping cost is $130 to any part of the republic.

How is the shipping cost calculated if it is multiple products?

When you add one or more products to your shopping cart, our system calculates the shipping cost taking into account factors such as origin, product weight and dimensions, delivery destination, etc.

At Teia we will always try to send all your products in the same package, however this is not always possible. For this reason, the shipping cost may increase even when the delivery address is the same for all your products, since its dimensions may not allow it to be sent in a single box, the origin of your products may not be the same, other reasons.

What do I do if it was not there at the time of delivery?

Don't worry, the parcel will make a second delivery attempt. If you wish, you can communicate directly with the parcel service in charge. Identify which one it is by reviewing the confirmation we sent to your email.

If we do not receive a response in any attempt and cannot deliver the order, unfortunately we will have to cancel it.

Remember that if you made your payment with PayPal, credit or debit card, OXXO deposit or bank deposit, anyone with an official identification can receive your order.

How does a guarantee work at Teia?

When making a purchase on our site, from the moment you receive your product, you have 5 business days to request a return directly with us.

Do all Teia products have a warranty?

Clear! At Teia we offer you 5 business days to return your product completely free of charge.

Remember that:

The warranty begins to run from the moment the product is delivered.

If you have any questions that you want to resolve before making your purchase, please send an email to Shortly, one of our advisors will send you the information you need.

How is the guarantee processed?

If your product is sold and shipped by Teia, when requesting the warranty it will be necessary to demonstrate the defect of the product and return it for validation. Please note that, if necessary, photos and a detailed description of the defect that your product presents will be requested.

How long does a warranty process take?

Once the returned product arrives at our warehouse, you must wait a maximum of 3 business days while we carry out a quality control to evaluate the defects that the product presents.

If your guarantee can be applied, the approximate time to provide a solution is 20 business days.