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Learn to meditate! - Simple tips.

Meditation is an exercise that goes beyond a spiritual current, it seeks to exercise the mind, in the same way as you exercise your body, opening space and reducing the internal noise that distracts us from the present.

Some of its benefits:

-Decreases and eliminates anxiety.

-Intensifies the senses.

-Reduces mental fatigue.

-Generates Clarity

-Develop problem solving.

-Generates gratitude and presence.

How can you start meditating?

The most important points are:

1- Breathing.




Start sitting in a chair or on the floor, with your back straight, relaxed, and lightly squeeze your abdomen to support your lower back.

Close your eyes and begin to inhale and exhale deeply through your nose, on 4 counts.

INHALE 1…2…3…4 EXHALE 1…2…3…4.

Continue breathing in this way.


Once your breathing is constant and at the rhythm of the 4 beats, bring your attention to your body. What happens in your body when you inhale and what happens when you exhale?

Feel how your stomach inflates, your chest expands, your organs push, your body grows upward with the pure movement of inhalation.

Now feel how everything relaxes, settles, your navel goes inward and your shoulders relax.

Continue discovering sensations in your body every time you inhale and exhale, such as the air entering your nostrils, your posture, the feeling of tranquility, the effort, concentrate fully on what you are doing and continue for at least 5 minutes.


At the same time, something happens in your mind, you want to concentrate deeply but other thoughts come to your mind, Observe them! The challenge is not that you do not get distracted, the challenge is that those thoughts do not hook you, every time you find yourself in a cloud of thoughts, return to your breathing and your body.-

After at least 5 minutes in your breathing and concentration, release control and just stay with your eyes closed and in silence for another 5 minutes, your breathing returns to normal and you can contemplate the silence, the noise of the birds or the sensation of relaxation.

Ready! Open your eyes and thank your body for that exercise and that moment.

You are working on concentration in a very deep way, to such a degree that it is normal for you to begin to discover new sensations in your body, which we normally do not perceive. Be very patient, do not speed things up, take it as a time of introspection, of health. mental, to listen to yourself and organize your mind, just as you organize your house.

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