Belleza que contamina el planeta - TEIA

Beauty that pollutes the planet

Unfortunately, there are decisions that countries make that strongly affect our planet, which is why we want to take this opportunity to write about the damage that the beauty products we use cause to the environment.

For us it is very important to provide our community of customers with products that do not contribute to environmental damage, it is our way of doing our part and lovingly caring for our beautiful planet and country.

That's why we want to explain to you how commercial cosmetics do cause it.

In commercial cosmetics there are 3 important problems that affect the planet

  1. Many of the chemicals used are toxic and are not degradable in water, even in treated water. They increase the level of toxicity of the water, which causes death to the biodiversity of wastewater sites and surrounding areas due to the absorption of chemicals by the soil.

  1. Mass production and overexploitation of ingredients obtained from plants.
    The overexploitation of some ingredients to lower costs, such as palm oil, produces massive deforestation, extinction of species and abuse of indigenous peoples.

  1. Tests on animals. It is a very sad situation that some companies make money from torturing animals by doing toxicity tests on them.

Unfortunately we live in a world where it seems that money is more important than anything else, which has led these large corporations to grow at the expense of the most precious thing we have, our planet.

Beauty products made with natural ingredients are generally more expensive, but there are many homemade solutions you can use with natural ingredients to replace some of the chemicals.

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