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Benefits of natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics are all those makeups that include 90% raw materials of plant or animal origin in their formulation. What it seeks is to reestablish the connection between nature and humans, respect the cycles of the ingredients in the products and our own skin,

It does not seek to deceive the consumer, it aims to “accept ourselves and highlight our beauty.”

The greatest benefit of using natural cosmetics is not harming our body, since its main purpose is to provide the benefits of nature to our skin, which is the largest organ in our body.

Below we will tell you 5 benefits of using natural cosmetics

1.- Using natural ingredients makes it safe for all skin types 

2.- Protects the environment since it does not generate toxic waste in the environment

3.- It has long-lasting effects, its main objective is to nourish our skin and not an immediate change

4.- Does not clog pores , no comedogenic ingredients are used

5.- 100% free of preservatives and artificial aromas.

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