¿Cómo comenzar una vida sustentable? - TEIA

How to start a sustainable life?

Sustainable beauty is about a philosophy of personal care and hygiene guided by an ecological approach, whose main objective is to care for the environment.

To start a sustainable life it is not necessary to have a big routine, the small changes are what really make the difference; In my search for tips and options to implement in my daily life, I found a list of 5 small changes to live a more sustainable life , which advises:

1.- Live with less (have responsible consumption).

You can ask yourself these questions to make a conscious decision when you want to buy a product:

Do you already have something similar? Is that your best option? How many usage options can you see?

2.-Consume fresh, organic and seasonal.

Local markets and stores will always be a more sustainable and, above all, healthy option.

3.-Reduce plastic consumption.

It begins with identifying the main problem: Why do I generate so much plastic? Perhaps our lifestyle forces us to order food from delivery people, or buy water constantly, but once you identify where your greatest plastic consumption comes from, it is easier to look for alternatives.

4.-Measure our water consumption.

From the shower to cleaning the home, again the best tip is to identify where your highest consumption comes from and look for alternatives.

5.-Avoid unnecessary energy consumption.

It is a matter of changing habits and raising awareness, evaluating our home or work area and applying the same question: Is it really necessary?

It seems easy, but the difference will always be the action, without a doubt we will encounter some limitations in the process of having a slightly more sustainable life, but small actions do make a difference.

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