Tips para fortalecer tus sistema inmunológico - TEIA

Tips to strengthen your immune system

Now more than ever it is of utmost importance to keep our defenses as high as possible to avoid any disease.

Here are several of our tips, obviously super natural, to be at 100.

Ginger tea with orange and honey.

Ginger helps strengthen your defenses, it has a high antioxidant content, it is antibacterial and helps digestion and burning fat, combined with citrus fruits and honey it is a super boost to strengthen us.


- Boil 2 slices of ginger for a few minutes and let it rest.

-Add juice of half an orange.

-A spoonful of honey.

Other foods that can help you:

Citrus fruits, vegetables, green leafy vegetables, nuts, cereals, legumes, fish, meat and eggs are some of the foods where you can find them.

Also remember to avoid processed, industrialized foods with high sugar content.

Habits that will help not only your system but your skin as well:

- Take advantage of the multiple digital platforms and exercise from home, you can do insanity, pilates, yoga and more.

-Remember to rest 6 to 8 hours a day and avoid stress.

-Moderate alcohol consumption and avoid cigarettes.

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