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How to recycle your cosmetic containers?

Recycling cosmetic containers allows you to create an object from another already used, contributing to the reduction of waste. Without a doubt, it is one of the global objectives to stop pollution and climate change, two problems that greatly affect the planet. Therefore, it is essential that we encourage this action at home.

In Mexico, a person generates more than a kilo of solid waste per day, approximately 42 million tons are produced per year. (General Directorate @prende.mx | May 17, 2021)

You should take these points into account before taking cosmetic containers to your recycling collection center to recycle:

  1. Make sure it is empty. An item with up to 10% residual formula will not be recycled.

  1. Make sure it is clean. Rinse your empty containers, but don't worry about drying them.

  1. Disassembly may be required. Items with sprayers, droppers and other parts will have to be removed.

  1. Please check the size and color. Skin care minis, trial size items, small tubes (like lip gloss and eye care), and anything smaller than 3 inches probably won't make it through recycling facilities. Avoid black and dark-colored items, which also go unnoticed by sorting machines.

  1. Check with your local curbside recycling program to make sure they collect items that look like yours. Pro tip: #1 plastics #1 are always recyclable. Most facilities accept #2 and #5 plastics. The rest of the plastics are likely not recyclable through curbside programs

How to recycle TEIA cosmetic containers?

Glass container (toner, facial cleanser, makeup base, eye contour, facial cream, liquid lipsticks)

Aluminum can (concealer, balm, blushes, bronzer, multipurpose)

Aluminum container (facial soap)

Cardboard (lipsticks and lip balm)

Plastic (eyebrow gel, mattifying powder)

Other ways to recycle cosmetic containers!


  • Recycle your cosmetic containers and earn discounts!
  • Remove leftover or expired product with a piece of paper.
  • Clean as much as you can with the paper, it is not necessary to use water
  • Enter your Ecolana App and locate the closest material and collection center.
  • The ideal is to gather several wastes of the same material so that it is more convenient for you (:
  • At Ecolana they give you ecolanitas and then you can exchange them for TEIA discounts
  • Join, recycle and earn


Directory of recycling points for cosmetic containers http://www.semarnat.gob.mx/archivosanteriores/transparencia/transparenciafocalizada/residuos/Documents/directorio_residuos.pdf

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