¿Qué tonos de labial se recomiendan para ciertas ocasiones? - TEIA

What shades of lipstick are recommended for certain occasions?

When I start to think about what gives the finishing touch to my look I think about lipstick, it always helps us to lift that outfit that we love or to look put together without much production.

I would like to tell you my tips according to the special range of colors we have.

1. Job interview, day at the office or breakfast

Nude, classic pink and coral pink. Always try to opt for light colors, they will make you look natural and give a conservative touch to your look.

2. For a meal, birthday or casual event

Deep pink and sepia. These types of tones will always give a plus to your makeup without stealing attention from the other details, you can accompany it with a little mascara and highlighter.

3. Going out with your friends or a date

Jamaica. It will give you a chic, sensual and relaxed touch, it is definitely one of our favorites. Always remember that less is more, if you are going to use this tone, accompany it with very subtle makeup.

4. Night look

Merlot, crimson and magenta. Very provocative colors that will make your lips shine, do not hesitate to lift them with eyes loaded with dark tones such as coffee, red and black.

But the best tip we can give you is, always be yourself, wear what you like and what makes you feel comfortable.

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