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Natural Cosmetics 101 - How does it work? Is it better for the skin?

In recent years the term natural cosmetics has become “fashionable”, but what does this really mean? According to the Ecocert organization, to certify a cosmetic as natural, it must contain 99% natural ingredients , the remaining 1% can be a small list of synthetic ingredients in which preservatives mainly appear and which are all friendly to the environment and are not persistent.

But what is the importance of using natural ingredients?

  • Most natural ingredients are biodegradable.
  • They have a greater amount of nutrients for the skin.
  • They are less likely to cause skin irritation.
  • They are mostly safe and do not have serious health repercussions like some synthetic raw materials.

The list of ingredients that have been detected to be harmful to health is growing more and more and you surely know more than one. When using natural cosmetics, the risk of your health being affected by the cosmetics you use is greatly reduced, which from my point of view In view it is the greatest benefit.

It is important to highlight that people with sensitive skin will not necessarily forget their problems with natural cosmetics, since because they are derived from plants they are susceptible to generating some allergic reactions on the skin, minimalist natural products can work very well for them.

Another very important thing is that “Natural cosmetics” has become a very attractive marketing term that many brands are using indiscriminately without really worrying about the ingredients they include in their cosmetics, which is why it is very important to check the list of ingredients before making a purchase. .

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