Crea un Zero Waste Kit con cosas que tienes en tu casa. - TEIA

Create a Zero Waste Kit with things you have in your house.

A Mexican consumes 48 kg of plastic a year, rejecting plastic in the first place, with a Zero Waste kit, you can reduce plastic waste up to 50% or more, depending on how much plastic you can avoid according to your profession and style of work. life.

In the Plastic Free July movement of 2020, 900 million kilos were reduced in one year, with actions such as the Zero Waste Kit.

Plastic Free July

It is a movement that seeks to reduce plastic consumption, creating new individual habits that collectively have added significant figures, but above all, raise awareness and pressure the government and large companies to generate important changes in the issue of pollution, every year it is done the one-month challenge and you can register for free to participate

Zero Waste kit:

1.Make a cloth bag with an old t-shirt:

Cut the sleeves and collar, turn the shirt inside out and sew the bottom to close. Done!

2.Reuse glass containers to use them for drinks or food.

3.Cloth napkins, to clean yourself or wrap bread.

4.Cutlery that you have at home.

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