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Take care of your skin from the sun even when you are at home

If you are working from home and practically do not leave the house, it is likely that using sunscreen has not crossed your mind.

However, even when you are not exposed directly to the sun's rays it is important to use it.

We believe that at home our skin is not exposed but that is not the case, the use of sunscreen should be part of our daily routine (just like deodorant or perfume, there are many natural and eco-friendly cosmetic options).

Why is it important to use sunscreen while at home?

  • Ultraviolet light enters through windows and doors , even when you are at home, and this radiation is enough to count as sun exposure.
  • There are different studies that show that televisions, computers or any electronic device emit ultraviolet radiation in small proportions that, although
  • Exposure to sunlight inside the home, although it cannot cause much damage, does accelerate cellular aging and can cause spots on the skin.

For this reason, we recommend making the sunscreen part of your daily skincare routine and applying it as if it were a moisturizing cream.

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    Recommendations to protect ourselves from the sun when you are at home

    • An SPF 30 is sufficient, a higher one is only recommended if your skin is extremely sensitive.
    • Touch up the application a maximum of every 6 hours (every 3 is recommended)
    • Rest 5 to 10 minutes every 2 hours of exposure to screens
    • Include antioxidants in your diet

    So don't waste any more time and go running for your sunscreen, if it is made from natural ingredients or is a natural cosmetic brand, much better!

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