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From Teia, for you

Thanks for being part!

It is difficult to express the value of a person purchasing our products, it goes far beyond an economic transaction, it is a gigantic movement of benefits that we exchange with each one of you. Thanks to you we have grown beyond the dream we feared! !

And in return we not only have immense gratitude, but also a promise , every day we work on being more sustainable despite the challenges that are still many, we work on improving and creating new formulas with that dose of consciousness in which well-being physical, emotional and environmental are always present, we create from science, from research and from a huge desire to bring the best to the skin, we are faithful to not using unnecessary or harmful ingredients, we are faithful to being as transparent and be there for you throughout the process.

What we share at TEIA is more than products, it is a path that we explore together to enjoy the beauty that we are and that surrounds us, without harming the skin and the environment, we are more than a trend, we seek to reconnect and take responsibility for our consumption , exchanging need for joy over what we have.

My biggest message for you is, close your eyes, breathe deeply, feel your body expand with each inhalation and relax with each exhalation, feel your body, the air that comes in and out, your muscles, your organs, there you are, that body is incredible and there is no doubt that it is naturally perfect, your most important relationship is with you and we have to embrace each other with acceptance and recognition of the wonder that we are, beyond the mind, beyond appearances.

With much love and gratitude.
-Carla and Cris

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