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Differences between industrial cosmetics and natural cosmetics

We are used to going to shopping centers to buy very expensive creams for the face or hair. There has long been a trend for health and well-being that includes reducing the amount of chemicals to which we expose our bodies.

Therefore, we want you to know the differences between industrial cosmetics and natural ones.

By cosmetics we refer to all the hygiene products that we use every day such as toothpaste, soap, etc.

We explain in detail why they are so different:

  • The most important difference between natural and industrial cosmetics is that natural ones are chemical-free since they are made from natural oils, clays and waxes.
  • Another difference is the validity of the products, natural cosmetics have a shorter shelf life than industrial ones.
  • By using industrial processes instead of artisanal ones for their creation, the factories of these industrial cosmetics generate a lot of pollution.
  • Industrial cosmetics contain sulfates, formaldehydes and parabens that alter the immune and nervous system.

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