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Differences between vegan makeup, cruelty free, clean beauty and natural cosmetics

Differences between vegan makeup, cruelty free, clean beauty and natural cosmetics.

These terms in the beauty industry have very specific meanings and it is important to identify them, as we cannot assume that vegan makeup is cruelty-free, or natural, etc....

  • Vegan Makeup: It means that it does not contain ingredients of animal origin, nor derivatives thereof, however , it is not necessarily Natural or free of harmful ingredients, it may even not be Cruelty Free, since in cosmetics, vegan makeup only does reference to content of animal origin.
  • Cruelty Free: It refers to the fact that no tests are carried out on animals in the final product and in each of the ingredients it contains, it is usually represented with a rabbit and in Spanish it is called Cruelty Free, however , they are not necessarily natural cosmetics. or free of harmful ingredients.

    • Clean Beauty: It means that it is free of toxic ingredients, however , it does not mean that its ingredients are natural or vegan.
    • Natural cosmetics: ECOCERT defines that they must contain a minimum of 95% ingredients of natural origin and 5% can be synthetic ingredients that are not harmful to the environment, however, it does not mean that it is vegan makeup, or cruelty-free, these are aspects that are managed separately and therefore it is important to consult with each brand on the aspects of your interest.

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