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Guide to applying your sunscreen correctly

Here we give you a small guide on how to apply your sunscreen

Should we prepare our face before applying our sunscreen?

Before applying your sun protection make sure you have your skincare according to your skin type.

It is recommended that you wait for them to be absorbed between each product before applying your sunscreen.

Aspects to consider about your sunscreen

  • We recommend using mineral sunscreen to ensure you protect yourself from UVB and UVA rays.
  • We recommend using a sunscreen that contains zinc oxide in its formulation, it is the mineral sunscreen with the highest spectrum.

There are few studies on the protection of blue light but it is known that the filters that help avoid it are those that have zinc oxide and iron oxide, commonly found in tinted sunscreens or makeup, (few products acquire certification of this type of protection)

  • Make sure your sunscreen is reef safe.

How to apply my sunscreen the correct way?

To apply the sun protection indicated in your sunscreen, it is necessary to apply the correct amount equivalent to a teaspoon or along your index and middle finger and distribute preferably with the tips of your fingers throughout the rest, including the eye area, since Greater sun damage is found in this area along with the nose, so it is important to distribute it in exposed areas.

You can experiment with different ways of applying your sunscreen to ensure you apply the right amount, such as applying two light coats of product instead of one heavier coat and letting it absorb completely.

Make sure to protect not only your face but also your neck and hands to avoid premature aging and signs of age.

Does sunscreen need to be touched up?

It is necessary to reapply your sun protection when exposed to the sun since throughout our activities the sun protection can be removed or moved, when you are at home or in the office you can replicate it every 4 or 8 hours, there is a study that was applied to 20 people under these conditions and it was found that after 2 hours the sun protection drops by 16% but when you reach 8 hours later you still have 70% of the protection.

For greater comfort, it is advisable to use a powder touch-up sunscreen so you can touch up your sunscreen in a more practical way and mattify your face during the day.

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