Guía para diszrutar tu maquillaje con menor impacto ambiental. - TEIA

Guide to enjoying your makeup with less environmental impact.

Nowadays, more and more people are concerned about the environmental impact of their actions and are looking for sustainable alternatives in all aspects of their lives. If you are a makeup lover, today we present you a guide to enjoy your beauty with less environmental impact.

  1. Order as a group

A simple but effective tip to reduce your carbon footprint is to order in groups. If you get together with your friends to place an order, you can share the cost of shipping and thus reduce the number of shipments necessary.

  1. #consumelocal

In addition to supporting the Mexican economy, consuming local products reduces the carbon footprint in the distribution chain. By purchasing local products, you reduce the amount of transportation needed to get them to your home.

  1. Choose products in aluminum containers

Currently, the most sustainable material in the cosmetics industry is aluminum. This material allows the stability of the product formula, is lighter, easy to clean and recycle or reuse.

  1. Opt for multipurpose products

Multipurpose products are an excellent option to reduce the amount of products you consume. A 3-in-1 product can replace your lipstick, blush and shadow, allowing you to adapt to trends and be more creative with your makeup.

  1. Choose clean and natural formulas

Choosing clean and natural formulas is a way to reduce the pollution generated by the origin of the ingredients currently used in the cosmetic industry. Additionally, these types of formulas are better for the skin and can help reduce the amount of waste generated from using beauty products.

By following these tips, you can enjoy your makeup more sustainably and reduce your environmental impact. Make your beauty routine a more conscious act!

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