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Identify your ideal makeup tone

We have put together some of the tips that have worked the most for us to identify an ideal foundation tone, although it may sound easy to even apply it to the skin, there are so many variations of light and brands that sometimes even trying it turns out to not be the right tone, which is why you We leave this guide that will help you identify it once and for all.

1.Always compare the tones in natural light, near a window or outside the store, so there will be no lighting effects that make the tone look different.

2. Observe the tone of your veins:

-If they look green, you would be a warm tone (You would be a brunette or tan tone)

-If they are blue or purple you would be a cold tone (You would be one of the lighter tones, which look closer to white).

-If you cannot clearly distinguish between green or blue, you are a neutral tone (Normally a little yellowish, also classified as a medium tone).

3.Consider whether you are a person who tans constantly or if your skin gets red in the weather.

In these cases you can opt for a higher tone, even if you want to achieve a more tanned look you can do so as long as there is not much difference from tone to tone.

Test to identify your makeup tone

If you want to make your life easier, we recommend that you take our test, it will help you even compare yourself to other brands and know a little about the perception you have of your skin.

You can also write to us and send us photos to guide you in selecting the right tone for you.

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