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The philosophy of No make up day

Surely you have heard the trend of not wearing makeup for one or several days, or we have seen photo sessions of artists and even presentations at important events where they do not use a single drop of makeup, which seems incredible to us because its influence makes today Nowadays not wearing makeup is fashionable, Bravo!

The most important reason for this trend is self-love, it is seeing yourself in the mirror every day without makeup and knowing that you are perfect and beautiful by nature, recognizing that all human beings (models and artists) have pimples, hair, blackheads. , etc…. And we have two ways to combat these skin alterations, hiding it with makeup every day, covering the pores, introducing chemicals that will generate more alterations but visually we will look better, or number two, exfoliate the skin once a week , apply masks appropriate to our skin type and natural, do not use makeup that causes more alterations, start new eating habits and above all, accept and love our original appearance.

Thus the philosophy of “no make up day” is reduced to acceptance, self-love and skin care, not hiding anything, because that's how we are, that's how we accept ourselves and that's how we look perfect.

When we enter that channel of self-love, taking care of your skin and your diet is what will help you gradually heal your face, do more and more no make up days and enjoy all the benefits of a body and face. no chemicals.

Try it and join that important trend!

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