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Our experience doing the Curly Girl Method

Maybe you have already heard before about the curly method and its benefits or, on the contrary, you have never heard the term and have no idea what it is about, so let's start by briefly explaining it.

What is the curly method and how does it work?

The method is a series of techniques and very simple steps to follow that will help you know how to take care of your hair. The main thing is to stay away from products that contain ingredients that can harm it. The simple steps to follow are to hydrate, moisturize, nourish and repair, using clean products. We say that a product is “clean or suitable for the method” when it does not contain sulfates, silicones, paraffins, waxes, mineral oils and some types of alcohol. At the same time there is the question: is it only for curly hair? and the answer is no, any type of hair will benefit from using clean products.

The steps to follow to carry out the method are: wash, condition, style and dry.


There are two techniques to wash your scalp, one is called cowash and the other is called lowpoo. Cowash is washing your hair with “clean” conditioner and lowpoo is washing your hair with “clean” shampoo. You can also do mixed technique which consists of mixing both techniques.

Something super important is that before starting the method, a deep cleaning must be carried out, which we call the “final wash”. This consists of washing your hair with a shampoo that contains sulfates. This step is only done once on the first day of the method and you do not need to cowash or lowpoo, since you have already done the deep cleaning.

If you do cowash you should massage for 3-5 mins. since the conditioner does not contain cleaning agents, so cleaning will be mechanical. It is important that after washing your scalp you rinse it very well and make sure it is free of any product.

Many people stop using shampoo completely and permanently while others alternate between both techniques. It's a matter of trying and discovering what is best for you.


After washing your hair, a “clean” conditioner is applied from the mid-lengths to the ends with the aim of hydrating, nourishing and detangling your hair. It is also known as “second conditioner” and if you only want, you can use the same conditioner that you use to make cowash, personally I do it that way and this saves me time, money and you also manage to reduce pollution, since by using only one conditioner to wash and condition you don't buy as many plastic bottles. An extra super tip is to take the hard plastic to a recycling center and if you decide to use lowpoo you can buy solid soap without plastic wrappers, just consider that it is “clean”.


This step consists of shaping our hair and giving it extra hydration with a product that can be styling cream, conditioner or oils. In this step we also use products to set the curls, which can be gel or mousse.

Dry off

There are two ways to dry your hair, my favorite is to let it dry outdoors, but you can also dry it with the help of a diffuser, always with warm air, never with hot air. I recommend that in this step of the method you do not manipulate your hair too much so as not to generate frizz. Once your hair is completely dry and has a hard layer of hairspray, you can do the “scrunch” technique, which consists of gently squeezing to break the hard layer and leave your curls manageable.

Our experience 

The truth is that it could seem complicated but in my experience your routine can be adapted to your lifestyle and it does not have to be difficult, there is no specific routine and you can always find options that adapt to you. The most important thing is that you dare to try and try. After almost a year of doing the method, my hair has grown a lot, it looks and feels healthier and, above all, full of hydration. By using clean products you are actually nourishing your hair and giving it proper hydration.

Dare to try it! It is a good option if you see that your hair is very damaged or processed and to start a fun process of self-love and personal care.

If you are interested in knowing more, we invite you to join this Facebook group, where you can read experiences from different people and answer many questions.
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