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What are facial serums for?

It is one of the best natural cosmetic products and is a formula normally made of essential oils or 100% natural ingredients. Its texture is more liquid than a cream but its function is similar. The difference is that the serum or facial serum is a more liquid formula. Concentrated that acts in the deepest layers of the skin.


They normally come in a dropper, however they can be applied as a roll-on or directly on a cloth or cotton, any presentation is good, what will make the difference on the face are its ingredients.

How are they applied?

The first thing is always to clean your face, preferably with a special soap for your skin type, then follow these steps:

  1. Apply 3 to 4 drops directly to the face.
  2. Spread with your hands in circular movements.
  3. Let your skin absorb the product.

It is best to use it in the morning and evening, every day, taking into account that it will replace your facial cream.


Each serum is developed with one objective, normally it is to hydrate and repair, however there are also some that have anti-aging or more specific agents such as oil control, eye contour, etc...

In our personal experience, they are wonderful! They do not leave the skin greasy, they are absorbed incredibly and the appearance of the skin improves instantly, if you have not tried it, really try it and we only recommend that they are especially for your skin type so that you have much better results.

TEIA is a Mexican brand of clean beauty and natural, ecological cosmetics specially formulated to take care of your skin.

We invite you to discover our entire line of makeup and skin care.

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