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Why do we have oily skin? Improve your skin by changing habits

Normally the type of skin you have is determined genetically, however there are some factors that can generate a tendency to be oily or increase it.
If you want to improve your skin and reduce oil production, check out these tips.


People who have this type of skin should take good care of their diet, reducing the consumption of fats that are bad for the body and replacing them with healthy fats such as avocado, almonds, coconut oil, chia, olive oil, etc...
It sounds simple but it involves changing your lifestyle to a much healthier one, leaving behind sweets, fast food, cheeses, sausages, etc... in reality this is the most effective thing for healthy skin.

Clean the face:

For this type of skin, using the right products correctly is what will help the face to eliminate these excesses little by little or not continue contaminating the face.


You should clean your face in the morning and night with a soap or facial gel specialized for that type of skin.


Use a towel only for your face, preferably changing it daily, this prevents contamination of the pimples due to contact. Also make sure to wash the brushes you use for makeup once a week.


Daily an astringent lotion and a moisturizer such as aloe vera gel or the same facial gel can do that job.

Natural products

Products with chemicals, in addition to harming health, are more aggressive for that type of face and generate a rebound that extremely dries the skin, generating an imbalance again.

Deep cleaning

Do a deeper cleanse once a week using a mask.
Our face is a sample of our habits and the importance we give to taking care of ourselves, it is a long process but it is possible and you just have to dare to take that step.

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