Porque deje de usar rimel para siempre - TEIA

Because I stopped wearing mascara forever

One of the makeup products that almost all of us use daily is mascara and I want to tell you the story of why I stopped using it.

I'm Cris, co-founder of TEIA and my skin is super oily. For those who don't have oily skin, the problem with mascara and eyeliner is that it smudges a lot and those that are super indelible are impossible to remove completely and you basically look like a raccoon. all the time.

Well, I realized that not being able to completely remove the mascara at night was permanently staining my eye and I didn't like this at all, even on the days I didn't use it, the area around my eye was black.

So I decided not to use mascara or eyeliner anymore and to my surprise, they started telling me that I looked younger! At first it was complicated because I felt like my eyes looked dull or that they were missing something, but then I got used to it and I'm super happy like this, I haven't used mascara for 5 years now!

If you also have this problem, not using mascara is not bad either, a tip is that you can curl your eyelashes and your eyes look nice too

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