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What is Clean Beauty and why is it so important?

Clean Beauty is a movement that began to be a trend for some time because it is about using cosmetic products without toxic chemicals and with extremely nutritious ingredients for the skin. It goes far beyond the function of a product but rather they all provide nutrients. .

How does it arise?

Although the chemicals used in cosmetics are allowed by the health sector, this does not mean that their formulas do not damage or deteriorate the skin or body, as simple as the burning in the eye when you get mascara or when you use a makeup remover with alcohol.

Clean Beauty begins with the paraben-free movement and extends to completely toxic-free products.

What are its benefits?

By focusing a lot on the formula and ingredients, clean beauty are products that are very high in nutrients, which are usually lighter for the skin and provide a lot of vitality, shine and moisture, in addition to being less harmful to the environment in their production processes. .

The trend has increased considerably since when changing products a chemical detox is carried out that is noticeable on the face, which is why more and more people are opting for this type of products.


If you want to make the change to clean beauty, we recommend doing it little by little, getting advice from the brands so that they are suitable products for your skin and above all being very aware that the consistency, durability, pigmentation or ways of applying the products can vary greatly. since chemicals are mainly used to obtain these functions.

The best thing is to have an open mind, inform yourself as much as you can and start experimenting, once you find the way, you will surely love it.

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