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Ingredients that benefit oily skin and which ones to avoid.

Ingredients that benefit your skin.

Knowing your skin type and identifying the appropriate ingredients and products is the most important thing for proper skin care. Keep reading to find out about two ingredients that will produce changes and positive effects on your face and which ingredients you should avoid at all costs.

Tea tree or Tea tree.

Tea tree oil benefits oily skin, due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, this means that it can help prevent acne lesions and at the same time helps reduce the swelling associated with it, in addition to what is already mentioned the tea tree will help us reduce the clogging of the facial skin and the visibility of open pores.

Lemon tea.

Lemon tea oil acts as a powerful natural astringent, it is also widely known to remove dead skin cells that clog or clog pores; Another quality of lemon tea oil is that it is slightly exfoliating, which is why it can help reduce hyperpigmentation caused by acne. 

Here we leave you a good serum option that contains both ingredients that are good for your oily skin.

Ingredients that we should avoid.

Alcohol and/or Acetone.

Washing your face every morning and night is a very important step in your oily skin routine. 

Always consider that your skin needs careful treatment, be gentle with your skin when washing and removing makeup. Avoid the use of alcohol and/or acetone based cleaners, many people have the belief that the more abrasive their cleaner is, the more cleansing it provides, however, using an alcohol and/or acetone based cleaner can irritate the skin and cause a counterproductive effect causing greater fat production. 

Try to wash your face with soft and delicate products.

Mineral oil.

Mineral oil, liquid petroleum jelly or liquid paraffin as it is also known, is obtained through petrochemical industry processes using non-renewable resources for the planet, which makes it a non-biodegradable product. Mineral oil is a product widely used in the cosmetic industry, since it promises moisturization and softness of the skin at a very affordable cost. But, on the contrary, mineral oil is classified as a comedogenic product, that is, it creates a layer on the skin, which does not allow it to breathe, clogging the pore and accumulating oil, producing blackheads, pimples and acne breakouts. Therefore, it is important to exclude products such as creams, serums, and cleansers that contain it from our routine.

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