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What does the term "Clean" mean in cosmetics?

Discover a purer world of beauty.

The beauty and personal care world has been buzzing with one word in particular: "Clean." But what does it really mean when we talk about cosmetics? If you've been wondering about the difference between natural cosmetics and those labeled "Clean", you're in the right place.

1. What are "Clean" cosmetics?

The term "Clean" in cosmetics refers to products that are formulated without toxic or potentially harmful ingredients. This means that, although not all ingredients are necessarily of natural origin, they are considered safe for use. In short, it is a fusion of the best of science and nature.

2. How is it different from natural cosmetics?

While natural cosmetics focus mainly on ingredients that come directly from nature, "Clean" cosmetics have a broader focus. They may contain synthetic ingredients, as long as they are not harmful or questionable to health and the environment.

3. Why should you consider using "Clean" cosmetics?

These products, like a natural shampoo or organic makeup , are formulated with an awareness of what is good for both your skin and the planet. They are based on transparency, ensuring that what you put on your skin is safe, effective and free of harmful ingredients.

At TEIA Cosmetics , we believe that everyone deserves quality products that respect both the skin and the environment. Whether you lean towards natural or "Clean" cosmetics, the important thing is to be informed and choose what aligns with your values ​​and needs.

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