¿Qué son los tónicos y cómo usarlos? - TEIA

What are toners and how to use them?

Toner is a product that is part of our skincare routine in the care phase, along with facial creams and serums, in different cultures, it is an essential step for skin care.

There are different types of toners for different skin types since it is a product that can favor or improve the appearance of your skin according to your needs; Some of its benefits are refreshing, hydrating, calming and illuminating. It also helps prepare the skin to absorb the products of our skincare routine since if our skin is moist, the absorption of the products is better.

How do you apply the toner?

It is recommended to apply it with the palm of your hand and pat it on your face to guarantee greater absorption or with its applicator in the form of a mist.

Fact: the difference between an essence and a tonic is that the essence contains active ingredients to treat more specific needs

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