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Get rid of the fear of vegetable oils

Most of us think that oils are = fat, fat = bad. We also go through that stage of repulsion towards oils, that is why we want to share this post with you to explain how oils work and why they are the opposite of bad.

First of all we want to tell you that all moisturizing creams have a water phase and an oil phase (oils) so in reality you are putting oils on your body all the time, the water phase of the creams helps absorption and also gives creamy texture.

The texture of the oils is what makes us feel that even if we have dry skin, we will end up with a greasy face after applying them, but the reality is very different from that. Oils have different properties, some are absorbed much faster than others due to the size of their molecules and each has different properties for the skin, some cannot be applied directly like essential oils.

Vegetable oils offer very good penetration of the active ingredients of the plant and essential oils into the skin and body. If you use the oil or a special oil serum for your skin type, you should not worry about ending up with pimples if you use them, it is a reality that they take longer to absorb than creams, but the hydration is usually longer lasting and the benefits are many.

If you were thinking about using oils to hydrate the skin on your face or body, go ahead! You're going to do very well.

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