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21 Day Commercial to Natural Makeup Challenge

Commercial makeup is not exempt from having a world of chemicals and in addition to what we already know as harmful preservatives, makeup has two very harmful ingredients, talc and pigments.

The problem with talc and synthetic pigments is that they are extremely toxic when inhaled and if you put it on your face it is difficult not to.

Natural cosmetics replace their chemical ingredients with natural or mineral options, however the result may be different in terms of duration and pigmentation, that is why we designed this challenge for you so that you can get rid of chemicals or reduce it considerably without suffering

1st week

The first thing is that you change your facial beauty routine to one with more complete natural Mexican cosmetic products, which includes:

  • A facial toner
  • A good natural moisturizer obviously
  • An oil serum
This will help your face look brighter so you need less makeup.

The first week you are going to change your shadows, we suggest not using them or using a natural one. It is also important that you hydrate your lips all the time, well-hydrated lips look better and need less makeup.

2nd week

Replace or stop using:

  • Make-up
  • Mascara

The second week you are going to replace the makeup and powder with a natural powder. You can continue using concealer, but you have to say goodbye to liquid makeup this week.

This week you should continue with your beauty routine and use only natural shadows.

Also this week you are going to change your mascara for a natural option. You can moisturize your eyelashes with some oil to make them look better too.

3rd week

Replace with a natural option:

  • Eyeliner
  • Concealer
  • Blush

This week is the most complicated, but you can do it. You are going to leave the eyeliner, the concealers and you are going to change to a natural blush. You still use natural mascara, shadows and powder.

Beauty is reflected in the soul, we do not need to hide our faces with layers of makeup to look beautiful.

The important thing about this is that you try, if at the end of the challenge you changed your blush and mascara and the others did not feel so comfortable, it is already a good step forward.

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