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Conscious and environmentally friendly beauty routine

There are many factors that can help you create a conscious and more environmentally friendly beauty routine. We will immediately give you ideas and solutions so you can start implementing them in your routine.

Conscious beauty refers to beauty products and skincare routines, which have sustainable and ecological approaches and go one step further than Clean Beauty.

1.- Did you know that body scrubs can damage the ocean?

Those microspheres or granules that your favorite exfoliant contains may be very effective in removing dead cells. But they are not when they end up in the stomachs of marine animals. According to the Cosmetics Europe association, a 150 milliliter container of exfoliant can contain between 130,000 and 2.8 million of these plastic microspheres.

Although the industry emphasizes that the contribution of cosmetics to the presence of plastic particles in the oceans is low, and that these granules are used less and less, the problem is that their composition includes polyethylene plastics - such as polyethylene , polypropylene and polymethacrylate. methyl, among others- accessible to marine species and even phytoplankton.

The microbeads are small enough to slip down the bathroom drain while we wash our faces to remove the cleanser, which means these plastics end up in lakes and oceans. The conscious beauty alternative: look for more natural exfoliants, such as products made with seeds, nut shells, fine sand or coffee beans, among other options.

2.- Avoid long baths and waste during your daily routine

The planet will thank you. Unfortunately, the longer you stay under the tap, the more of this resource you will spill.

Water waste constitutes a major environmental problem, because it contributes to its scarcity and the death of thousands of animal species.

Conscious beauty tip: put a bucket in while you wait for the hot water to come out and reuse the water to clean or water the plants.

3.- Look for more eco-friendly packaging

The design of the products determines whether a container is easier - or more complicated - to successfully incorporate into the recycling system. To protect the environment, "we must look for lighter packaging that contains the smallest possible number of diverse materials in the lid, bottle and other components," says Óscar Mateo, Director of Knowledge at the National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics (Stanpa) . ). The key, he explains, lies in simplicity: the simpler and fewer compounds there are in the packaging, the easier they are to recycle and the better they are for the environment. This can also apply to our conscious beauty routine, the simpler it is, less waste.

These are some well-known and some not so well-known ways of how we can make our conscious beauty routine a little more sustainable and ecological on a daily basis.

1.- Look for biodegradable formulas

2.- Be aware of the use of water in your daily routine

3.- Choose reusable or recyclable packaging options for your routine

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