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Silicones What are they and why avoid them?

Silicones are a large family of polymers that are mainly used to provide a waterproof effect, improve the dispersion of a product, form a film on the skin that helps retain water and provide durability to products, more than 50% of beauty care products launched in the last 10 years contain at least one type of silicone.

Silicones come mainly from silica stone, water and methanol, however the process used to create them is synthetic, they are found in products mainly of creamy consistency such as facial creams, shampoo, sunscreen, makeup base, etc...

Silicones and health

Siloxanes are a type of silicones used in many cosmetics for hair care, skin care and makeup. They are the most worrying category due to possible health effects; several institutions have issued warnings because they are related to endocrinogenic disruptions that can intervene with hormonal functions and affect fertility.

Silicones and the environment

The biggest concern is regarding the environmental impact that these ingredients have, the annual production of methylsiloxanes has reached between 8,000,000–10,000,000 tons. The most recent studies indicate that these ingredients are very persistent, which means that they are not biodegradable or take a long time to biodegrade, and they are bioaccumulative, which means that animals, mainly marine life, consume them through their diet or are exposed to them. in their environment.

How to identify silicones on labels?

Silicones are commonly found under these names: Cyclomethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Amodimethicone or Siloxane.

**Avoid products with ingredients that have the siloxane ending.

At Teia we are committed to the safety of our planet and your skin, which is why none of our products contain silicones.

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