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Skincare in winter with natural cosmetics

In winter, low temperatures and excess wind have an effect on our skin, regardless of the type of skin you have.

In this season, your skin needs special care and this way you can do it with natural cosmetics.

Cleansing: In winter you should take care of products that eliminate natural oils from the skin (no astringents) so, first of all, a vegan makeup remover rich in oils is recommended and then, wash with moisturizing cream or oil cleansers to strengthen the skin barrier . 

Example of vegan makeup remover:

Gentle toners: Toners have the power to balance the pH of the skin and avoid that annoying grayish and dull tone, especially in winter. Because of this, it is essential to spray it in a mild, alcohol-free version so that it does not irritate the complexion. Some options? Look for natural cosmetics such as rose water or thermal water.

Antioxidant serum: After the sunniest seasons you need to recover your face from dryness and pigmentation ASAP and, one of the solutions is to apply serums or concentrates high in antioxidants.

To do this, look for the products prior to the moisturizing cream to contain vitamin A, C or E, in order to penetrate deeply and fight against cellular oxidation.

We have this antioxidant serum option for you.

Powerful Moisturizer: As the days go by, the cold of winter becomes stronger and this only means one thing, you need a more powerful moisturizer!

And we don't mean that it is a super heavy texture, but it is infallible to look for natural moisturizing cosmetics with active ingredients that retain moisture in the complexion for longer , such as hyaluronic acid, ceramides or natural oils.

Check this option:

Multipurpose lip balm: The use of multipurpose lip balm can be done EVERY day. Always carry one in your bag!

Don't forget to touch up your sun protection during the day with powder sunscreen. Even if the day is cloudy or you don't have direct exposure to the sun, it is advisable to use it, since the rays continue to penetrate our skin.

This powder sunscreen option is amazing because it doesn't ruin your makeup.

Nourish from within!: It is not a topical application step like the previous ones, but it is well-kept advice : take care of yourself from within! It is proven that the daily consumption of citrus fruits, foods rich in water and supplements such as vitamin D, is PERFECT for maintaining healthy, young and beautiful skin in winter .

Our natural cosmetics are a good option to take care of your skin without ingredients that are harmful to the environment and your health. Our powdered sunscreen is mineral, so it does not harm the marine ecosystem and is a way to touch up your sun protection during the day. day in a simple way.

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