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Skincare in spring

How can we reverse the factors that spring can cause to our skin with our skincare and daily habits?

  • The sun: With the change of season, exposure to the sun increases radiation and with it the probability of photoaging, which favors the appearance of new wrinkles, expression lines and spots.
  • Flowers begin to bloom (increase in pollen and other allergenic factors in the environment), sensitive skin and conditions such as rosacea are affected.
  • Sudden changes in temperature from cold to heat can make our skin dehydrated and dull. We have to treat our skin according to the state we are in. This can vary depending on where we live and its climate.

Recommendations for this change of season:

  • Cleansing: Morning and night, no more, with dermocleansers that help you restore the microbiota of our skin (skin barrier), this allows us to maintain an adequate pH and protect ourselves from external agents.
  • Sebum does not increase in spring.
  • Exfoliation: it is advisable to perform micro exfoliants to remove dead cells, to allow the new skin to be healthy enough and reduce the appearance of spots (if your skin is sensitive you can do it with gentle micro exfoliants, this will improve the appearance of your skin)
  • Hydration: Hydration is not the same as moisturization, when we talk about hydration it has to do with water, that is why oily skin must also be hydrated, we are not talking about fat, but about water, which is what our skin needs , we can refresh throughout the day with tonics that promote its retention in the skin such as hyaluronic acid or active ingredients that allow us to keep our skin hydrated and serums to seal in hydration.
  • Antioxidants: they are the best ally to counteract allergens since being in contact with them can cause inflammation that favors oxidation and thus promote aging and stains, in addition to protecting us from external agents and pollution, which is why That is why you consider that the ingredients that your skincare products contain are antioxidants.
  • And above all, use sunscreen to reduce photoaging.


  • How to treat allergies and other conditions that occur this season in other ways that have more to do with an impact on the intestinal microbiome. To do this, it is necessary to restore it, eating differently and adding probiotics to our diet for the correct absorption of nutrients. of our foods, avoiding inflammatory foods and even more so if you have a condition such as rosacea, to reduce its symptoms, reduce or eliminate processed foods, sugars, dairy products and gluten since they can cause systemic inflammation of the entire body, remember that The largest organ is the skin and increase the consumption of vegetables rich in antioxidants, omega 3, D3 since they are anti-inflammatory and take vitamins according to our needs.
  • reducing stress is key since there is scientific evidence that it directly affects the intestinal microbiome.
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