Tendencias de maquillaje 2020 - TEIA

Makeup trends 2020

Although we are faithful believers that fashion is optional, we love this year to be able to say that the echo, the real and natural face will be number one in makeup, from the catwalks to our everyday companions.

So if you want a little inspiration for your looks this year, we'll tell you a little about the trends that we ended up falling in love with.


Highlighters are still a light and incredible touch of glow for the skin, but the most important thing is that nourished skin has shine, so moisturizing and nourishing the skin is still trendy, enjoy if your skin has that glow by nature and play with your highlighters.


Very light bases that show bare skin, no makeup is becoming closer to no makeup, what we previously hid such as spots, moles, freckles is appreciated and highlighted and it is invited to show off the skin without plasters. base, as natural and moisturizing as possible, with touches of color on lips or eyes, but always the natural base.


This trend is the one we love the most because there is no specific color, shape, or limit, the creativity expressed in makeup with colors outside the traditional is welcomed and admired as a trend this year.

It's about playing with textures, explosive colors, eyeliners combined with natural bases and shadows outside of traditional tones (no more black or brown, dare with the full range of colors).

The invitation of this trend is to have fun and explore yourself in freedom.

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