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Makeup tips for oily skin

We leave you the best makeup tips for oily skin, identified by experts in this skin type.


When choosing your makeup base for oily skin , always work with something mattifying. This powder helps you control shine and keep your face with an even tone,

Avoid all “satin” finishes.

Apply that rule to your entire makeup bag: whether it's lipsticks or blushes : oily skin is bothered by any shiny product.

Use the makeup base for oily skin first and then the concealer.

The trick is what I do (it is very important), first you put on the makeup base for oily skin and then touch up with the concealer , because you have to apply it with gentle taps, so the layering is the best. clue

Touch it up

When you have placed your makeup base for oily skin , take it and apply it again! Apply with a few taps with your fingers on the makeup base; It's great for pinning. Another trick is to use a tissue and apply the powder, then pat it to (dry) the skin and increase the matte finish.

Always blur

We have a great blending technique with a brush: apply the makeup base for oily skin with one side, and blend or integrate with the skin, so that it blends and disappears with the side that does not have product.

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