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Tips to care for the skin barrier

What is the skin barrier?

A protective layer that protects the skin from external agents, helps keep the skin hydrated, preventing it from evaporating, which is why it is important that we maintain a healthy skin barrier at all times.

How do you know if your skin barrier is damaged?

Problems such as dehydration, a dull tone, hyperpigmentation, itching, among others, may appear.

Signs on your skin that can tell you that your skin barrier is damaged and/or dehydrated:

  • irritation
  • redness
  • tight and/or dry feeling

The damaged skin barrier of people with oily skin can present as:

  • excess fat in specific areas and feeling of dryness
  • sprouts
  • extreme sensitivity

How to improve the skin barrier?

Sleeping 8 hours, rest is essential for the regeneration of our skin

Reduce the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and coffee as it promotes the oxidation of our cells

Do not over-exfoliate physically or chemically (avoid products with acids)

Avoid products with fragrances

Choose gentle cleansers for your skin type

Use medium temperature water for cleaning

Hyaluronic acid and calendula are ingredients that promote the repair of your skin barrier.

The main tip to maintain a healthy skin barrier is to give your skin what is essential and necessary, using products for your skin type, that are gentle and promote the hydration of your skin.

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