¡Tips para cuidar tu piel en invierno! - TEIA

Tips to take care of your skin in winter!

Everything you need to know to have smooth, flake-free skin this season according to the experts in 6 concrete and blunt tips:

1.- If you are using a normal, light moisturizer in your skincare routine, we recommend that you combine it with a more emollient one. Products that contain vitamin E will be your best friends this season as they help retain hydration in our skin.

2.- Adding layers of products to our routine is ideal, as is a serum before your moisturizer penetrates and hydrates the cells in the lower layer of the skin so that when they rise they are smooth and healthy.

3.- By consuming foods rich in omega-3 you are also taking care of your skin, although to notice the real benefit of the product you will have to consume it for 3 to 5 weeks since the cell renewal time does not occur until then, you can find it in salmon, nuts and seeds.

4.- Does water dehydrate? Unlike what we have always been told, experts recommend only taking what is necessary since by overdoing it we accelerate the oxidation process which will make dry skin even drier.

5.- Make the most of your moisturizer! Exfoliate your entire body 1 to 2 times a week in the shower, taking advantage of the steam so that your pores open and facilitate the absorption of all the benefits of your moisturizer. When you leave the bathroom, just remove excess water by lightly tapping with your towel.

6.- Don't forget to protect yourself from sun damage for any reason, apply your sunscreen 30 minutes before exposing yourself to the sun and touch up every two hours.

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