Tips para un extra de hidratación esta temporada - TEIA

Tips for extra hydration this season

Why is it important to adapt our skincare routine when changing seasons throughout the year? As the season changes, so does the climate and with it the needs of our skin, you can also take the opportunity to check the expiration date of your products and their effectiveness on your skin.

This new autumn winter season is one of the seasons where our skin needs more hydration as it may be resentful from exposure to the sun during spring and summer, so it is the perfect time to pamper it and recover it.

Regardless of your skin type, this season, it is very likely that you need EXTRA hydration, these are the most important tips to keep your skin hydrated.

*Apply your hydrating serum morning and night.

*Apply 2 to 3 drops more than you normally apply.

*Use cream products in makeup.

*Avoid products that contain alcohol or fragrances

We recommend using products for your skin type

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