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Is your skin dry or dehydrated?

We may believe that our skin is dehydrated all the time but in reality our skin type may be dry or vice versa our skin may be normal, combination or oily and dehydrated.

How to identify it?

As a first step you can do our test to identify your skin type, the second is in the observation of our skin, there are some symptoms with which we can differentiate dehydrated skin and dry skin. Let's not forget that dry skin is a type of skin but It can also be a temporary condition, unlike dehydrated skin that shows a dull appearance, sensitivity, tightness that can make us confuse these two different conditions, its main difference is that dry skin lacks fatty components and dehydrated skin lacks water.

Identifying what our condition may be, we can take some of the advice from experts:

For dry skin, it is necessary to maintain a routine with special products for your skin type.

For dehydrated skin, the most important thing is to rehydrate, drink water, consume antioxidants and vitamin A, C and E.

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