Terms and conditions of collaboration


Parties : Teia cosmetics and collaborator

Term: The term of this agreement begins once the exchanged product has been received by the collaborator and ends once the collaborator has completed the agreed activities.

Main objective of the collaboration: Generate brand presence 

Forms of collaboration

This agreement includes:

Contributions from the prescriber

  • 1 tutorial-type video, with tips or review of at least one product received in the video format for Instagram TV.
  • 4 stories on Instagram (1 per week with 4 mentions for 1 month) tagging the brand @teiacosmeticos

Brand contributions

  • Brand gift: Kit chosen by the subscriber


  • The content generated by the prescriber will have to be unpublished and exclusive for the brand.
  • The project does not require availability of the prescriber permanently, but only at certain times of the project.
  • There is no exclusivity with the brand.
  • The brand can terminate the agreement if it is not happy with the result obtained.
  • The subscriber grants the copyright on the content made as part of this agreement to TEIA cosmetics.