Tips for selling online

  • Start by quoting parcel companies or companies that handle various parcels.
  • Recommendations: , has very good prices and is easy to use, has cheap local deliveries.
  • Define the price and the dynamics that you will be managing for shipping, you can quote depending on the address or establish a single rate.
  • Depending on the fragility of the product, select the packaging for shipping.
  • If you choose or and have questions about how to use it, write to us.

Once you have figured out how to send your packages:

  • Start promoting on your social networks that you already have shipments, if you want to make yourself known faster, Instagram stories are a very good tool.
  • When you request the shipping information, it must be complete (street, street number, neighborhood, state, city, zip code, and if they can give you better references)
  • Whenever they make a purchase, mention that someone must be on the lookout to receive the package at the address they provided.
  • They will give you a guide number, you can provide that to the client so that she feels more secure.
  • Make a list of your shipments, so you have control of which ones have already been delivered.

On your social networks:

  • Add a WhatsApp for customer service.
  • Have your bank account details ready so they can make transfers.
  • Agree with the client for delivery and establish service hours.
  • Upload product content, showing benefits and explaining the prevention measures you are taking.
  • Personal deliveries:
  • It is recommended to leave the package at the door to avoid contact.
  • Wash your hands before and after delivery and make the same recommendation to the customer

If you have any questions or want us to advise you on something, send us your questions by WhatsApp , the entire TEIA team will be answering your questions.