Tips for selling as an independent distributor

We wrote this post to share with you some tips that work very well to sell through social networks and WhatsApp and make it known that you sell teia

Publish in local groups and marketplace

Publish in local groups, on Facebook there are local groups in which you can make yourself known, start searching for them and send an invitation, always read the rules very well so that you do not have problems, since in some groups they are very specific to approve or not your publications.

Sell ​​natural cosmetics on the independent distributor marketplace

Mailing lists

Make a diffusion list in WhatsApp: The diffusion lists will help you send all the material that you think is necessary so that they know the product, you can make several diffusion lists separating your clients as you think necessary (customers from the neighborhood, clients with purchase, to mention some examples) The message you send to the list will reach all the people who are on it.

broadcast lists for whatsapp natural cosmetics

Social networks

Publish on your personal social networks stories and photos of tea that you like the most, we have noticed that the stories work very well with hashtags such as #cosméticanatural, #hechoenmexico

Tips for selling natural cosmetics on Instagram

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