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Biodegradable What does it mean?

Biodegradable concept

He adjective biodegradable allows you to classify the substance that It can be degraded by the action of a biological agent . Animals, fungi and bacteria, for example, can decompose these types of products.

Biodegradable formulas in natural cosmetics

When we talk about biodegradable natural cosmetics we are referring to the property of a substance to degrade by biological action, through microorganisms, so that there are guarantees that they will not cause damage to the soil, air, water or living beings with the release of contaminants. toxic. Also very important is the speed at which they decompose.

Hence the importance of knowing both the ecological origin of an ingredient and the biodegradable methods of each raw material we acquire, as well as all the information corresponding to our suppliers. The environmental responsibility of biodegradable natural cosmetics begins with the production or manufacturing of the raw material itself and ends with its recycling.

Biodegradable formulations of natural cosmetics are especially important in certain products, such as, for example, in the manufacture of sunscreens, due to the damage that these types of products cause to marine life every summer. We must remember that the oceans and seas of our planet have lost approximately half of their coral reefs in the last 30 years.

For this reason, we invite you to inform yourself and switch to a conscious beauty routine with natural, ecological cosmetics. Learn about our sustainability measures here.

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