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Natural ingredients in cosmetics - What does it mean?

We hear more and more about natural cosmetics, but do you know exactly what it refers to?

The term "natural" is not a regulated term and can mean different things to each person or brand, which is why we leave you this list with more detailed information about the different types of natural ingredients that exist.

Ingredients obtained from nature without processing

It simply means that the ingredients are obtained from nature and are in their pure state without any process, an example is honey or dried flowers.

Ingredients or obtained from nature physically processed

Ingredients that have been processed to obtain them, but do not undergo a chemical process , for example cold-pressed vegetable oils, butters, distillation of essential oils.

Naturally derived ingredients

They are natural ingredients that have been synthetically processed through a chemical process. For example, natural soaps in which a chemical reaction is generated with sodium hydroxide and vegetable oils to obtain them.

Natural ingredients created in a laboratory

They are ingredients that are produced in the laboratory and are chemically the same as those found in nature. For example, sorbic acid, which is used as a preservative, is originally derived from a plant, but is generally sold as a natural synthetic.

Synthetic ingredients

These are ingredients that have been created and processed in the laboratory that do not exist naturally. These ingredients are petrochemical derivatives and are typically known as chemicals or synthetics. An example is parabens.

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